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DT0031   Ascension
LQ0010   Babe's Berries
LQ007   Banana Hammock
TS04   Black on Gray
TS01   Black on White
LQ003   Brahma Bull
DT0033   Charger
LQ013   Colonel Mustard's Custard
LQ005   Cotton Candy
DT0023   Fall Harvest
LQ002   French Vanilla
LQ012   Great White Grape
LQ004   Grow-A-Pear
DT0011   Hip
DT0028   Lil' Camo
DT0004   M83
DT0014   Magma
LQ010   Mambo #5
LQ001   Mintnilla
DT0007   Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
DT0021   Red Hot Momma
DT0037   Ribbon Candy
LQ011   Silly Rabbit
LQ008   StrawBurry
10010   Test
DT0012   Water World
TS02   White on Black
TS03   White on Gray

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